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Container Platforms – Advanced FAQ

Container Platforms are a developing technology. However, their worldwide adoption across all-levels of systems development has been quick. It’s not unprecedented, but it is overwhelmingly fast. The adoption rate is … Continue reading Container Platforms – Advanced FAQ

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Container Platforms – Basic FAQ

Since the Object Oriented Programming Architecture began, developers saw the advantages of separating “objects” or modules of a program. It makes the code cleaner, easier to maintain, and requires less … Continue reading Container Platforms – Basic FAQ

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Container Application Development -Best Practices

The article talks about the multiple advantages of using Container Platform architecture to modern application development. It also talks about huge disadvantages.Massive dependencies may mean quick deployment, update, and clean … Continue reading Container Application Development -Best Practices

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Singularity Pro released by Syslabs

Syslabs, the developer of Singularity Container Platform engine, released the enterprise version of their product. Docker has overtaken other engines by popular demand, but even Docker CEO Ben Golub admits … Continue reading Singularity Pro released by Syslabs

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A Basic Guide on Container Platforms

Open Container Initiative (OCI) released the image format specification version 1.0 to standardize container platforms last July 2017. They aim to make container platform development vendor-neutral to allow compatibility across … Continue reading A Basic Guide on Container Platforms

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