4 Important Things Your CEO Should Know About Container Platforms

November 10, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Ultimately, the decision in purchasing and deploying a new piece of technology that can bring change to the organization lies with the Chief Executive Officer. According to a report by the Network for Business Sustainability, he needs strong business data from the support team, which can show hard concrete evidence how the new technology can benefit the company.

 This holds true for Container Platforms, which many organizations are adopting because they hold the key to competitiveness in the digital business landscape. Container Platforms accelerate IT processes, especially delivery time, and enhance user experience, without incurring huge costs. At the same time, they can appear too complex to the CEO who might postpone making a decision about it simply because he has a lot of time on his plate.

The Chief Technology Officer or the highest-ranking IT administrator in the company must simplify these seemingly complex terms in making his pitch about Container Platforms to his boss. He must be able to explain the mechanisms and functionalities that make Container Platforms work, and their positive impact on the organization and the market. Forbes gives the CTO four important things that the CEO should understand and realize for him to greenlight the purchase of the Container Platform. And while persuading a CEO to consider an investment is never a walk in the park, these tips will make the way clearer for the CTO. – Cora Llamas



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