Singularity Pro released by Syslabs

August 31, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Syslabs, the developer of Singularity Container Platform engine, released the enterprise version of their product. Docker has overtaken other engines by popular demand, but even Docker CEO Ben Golub admits on DockerCon 2017, the need to concentrate more on enterprise applications. Singularity which has always focused on high-performance applications decided to get a leg up on the competition by releasing an enterprise-specific engine to cater to the small but highly profitable segment.
They look to provide an engine for upcoming technologies that require HPC such as Deep Analytics, Big Data, AI, and the like. The article talks about Syslabs CEO Gregory Kurtzer and what he thinks about the future of container platforms, the IT industry as a whole, and how his product will fit into the picture.
– Kazuki Miyagi

Read the source article at TechCrunch

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